Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Open Letter To That Rotten Egg I Just Threw Out

Dear Rotten Egg,

I feel bad about what I've done. What if you used to be a kid who just happened to be the last one to do something? What a terrible fate.



Rebecca said...

Or what if he was just lazy and figured he'd just hang out all his life doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

hello shawan,
i was just browsing over humor columnists and much fortunately i ended up hitting ur blog. My twin also writes funny stuffs and of course i am his only admirer. He writes great but doesnt care much about his articles.
I admire humor columnists like u becoz, while the warner bros are doing an about trillion dollar business creating humor, u r doing a much better job for free. To make fun is such a good talent that can be comprehended only by funny people.( guess u understood why i m the only admiere of my twin).
Now shawn i m making u a peculiar request. Can i please send u some of the funny stuffs that my twin write and will u please let me know how he is doing?
Regards shawn for being such a wonderfull being and regards to god for creating such muscles and nerves that spreads our lips to a broad grin. And yeah, regards for providing stimulus to all those muscles and nerves.

Madge said...

What ever happened to the guest letters?

Eric said...

Dear Shawan,

Sorry 4 the L8 reply, but I've been scrambling around at work. Then my hard-boiled boss dropped me into some hot water, really had to use the old noodle to get over that, it wasn't easy. Then some tosser poached my quiche at the salad place. Out of the frying pan, eh?

Rotten egg

KimNarrative said...

Dear Open Letters Bloggers,

I was just wondering why there are no open letters posted on this site in January 2012, February 2012, March 2012, etc.

Do each and every one of you's now all of a sudden, in 2012, find life so peachy that no more open letters are necessary to inform a misguided society?

I'm really missing your wit and humor. Please, get to blogging OpenLetterBlog bloggers (especially YOU BROOKE AMANDA).

Needing a few shots of theopenletterblog in 2012,