Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Open Letter To The nake In My Backyard

Dear nake,

I have een you in the yard, lithering through the bu he and hi ing at me when I get too clo e. It' time for you to leave, plea e.



CC: Dell Computer , INC.

Dear Dell,

A certain letter on my keyboard no longer work . Plea e end replacement.

Thank ,



Nan-Nan said...

OWWW! OH, Lord!! Man, my face is cramped up!! I have laughed so hard my ribs think I'm in a bear hug, and there is nobody else in my personal space at the moment. Wait, wait...I had to reposition the comment box, just so I can enjoy another knee-slappin' guffaw...ah---ha------aaaaah----a----(like the Tom Hanks laugh in the Money Pit!!!)There goes my mascara. Oh hawn- that was the best piece of unexpected humor I;'ve read in a LONG time. Thanks for the major endorphin rush, Friend. Encore, please. Maybe something on " pider ?" I HATE THEM!!!

Shawn said...

Wow, Nan-Nan, now that is an endorsement!

And I'm with you. I would be happy to do one on spiders, but apparently my spider humor leaves something to be desired.