Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Open Letter to my Canadian Quarter

Dear Quarter,

Take note! While you are undeniably majestic, with your engraving of Queen Elizabeth on the front and a beautiful rendering of...some sort of...Canadian Deerbeast on the back, you have crossed me and we shall now have words of a decidedly unpleasant nature. While I have nothing against you on an economic or monetary level, I cannot let this incident pass without comment. All I wanted was a delicious can of Coca-Cola Classic from that vending machine. As the few bills in my wallet were wrinkled and useless, I could only fall back on the handful of change in my pocket. Ah, three quarters. Just enough!

But NO! Because one of the quarters was you, you....you...French bastard! My hopes for a quenched throat were dashed, my spirits (and sugar levels) left to sink into oblivion. This won't soon be forgotten, Canadian Quarter. Mark my words.




JerseyGirl said...

I just saw you typing this. LOL.

It's much funnier now that it's finished. You shouldn't be drinking Coca Cola Classic, anyway. No, no you should not.


Heather Cherry said...

Yeah! Get 'im, Shawn! Give 'im the old what-fer.

Fanboy Wife said...

I hate when they turn up when I try to do laundry.

writtenwyrdd said...

But they are worth $.23 now instead of the measely $.18 of yesteryear! (I live in Maine on the Canadian border, so I live that nightmare constantly.)