Thursday, July 9, 2009

Open Letter To the Word Verification

Deerrr Word Verification att thu bodum uv thu komint sexun uv mi fayvert blogggirz:

Wy doo yew lerk beeloh wen wee syn awff, staen tu thu vuree lasd menet, lyk thu lefd ovir dizguzteeng bakkwarsh inna 2-yeer ols sippeee kupp?

Uhbowt thu tym wee theenk wee arr dun maykn owr phunnee komints wee ind upp tripppen ovr yew. Soh itz tym yew herrd frum uhs. Juz reed ahn, yew liddl bockz uv nooisunz.

Awww, wut's thu maddur? Caynt reed thiz leddir??? Let's try it my way.

Perhaps a different font would make it a little more interesting, hmmm?!

Let's try a little Webdings...can ya read this????

Let's try a little Webdings...can ya read this????

No??? UH-oh! TOO bad, do over!!!! Do it over I said! Well, too bad. Go away and stop annoying all of us. You are not needed here.

Really perturbed (that's p-e-r-t-u-r-b-e-d),


PS- "Word Verification" about ACTUAL's not like you would ever run out....or how about spellcheck, you oxymoron!

[Editor's Note: After reading this letter I had to inform my mom, the author of this letter, that she has had Word Verification turned on in her blog settings all this time.]


Funnyrunner said...

I sometimes feel like keeping a list of the ridiculous words that pop up for word verification.

obladi oblada said...

Ha! I just left a comment on your mom's blog...:) Thanks to the two of you, my annoying verification thing is off; I had no idea I had that option.

Eric said...

Always thought of verification as additional typing practice (WPM is now 15.3), but now I misspell more wurdz.

bearmancartoons said...

Well why is it still on here???? ARRRRGHH what is a "vellogy"?

Mrs. E said...

I couldn't wait for this one! I knew you hated it as much as I do!!

Nan-Nan said...

THANKS for outting me, Heather!!! Way to go!!! Although that was pretty stinkin' funny, huh?!

P.S.- Gyah!!!! THERE is is again! I don't even want to know what a GATERPHO is, um-kay? That just sounds dirty...."Hey!! What's that matter with you, ya big, fat GATERPHO!!" See what i mean?! Yeah, I think I'll be usin' that word in traffic from now to try that one right now....

A Writer said...

I just ranted on this. I had to share your blog post with all of my readers. Great humor. I want to SHAKE CAPTCHAs sometimes. Especially after filling out the 30th wavery thing.

Oh, LOOK you have word verification on.