Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Open Letter to the Doctor in the House

Dear Doc:

I have been eating these mini-bags of buttered popcorn from a box at the back of my pantry for weeks now. I just now saw that the bags are imprinted with the following: "Best by February 2009."

Am I going to die?

Eagerly awaiting your reply,



Shawn said...

I'm starting to wonder the same thing about the expired milk I've been drinking. I like the extra kick, but it's wreaking havoc on my digestion.

The Office Scribe said...

Shawn, you should enjoy it for the texture too.

And no, you will not die. Actually, the preservatives that give it an extra long shelf life will keep your organs kicking long after you have kissed this world goodbye.

Phillipia said...

Yes, you are going to die...someday...but probably not from the popcorn...unless you choke on it...

bearmancartoons said...

ha ha she said "choke on it"